Sorority Jewelry


Sororities are an important part of College life offering women the fellowship and experiences that can be forever. For many it is important to show orange-jackie-florida.jpgsupport and for this, many options are available in the way of logo-ed merchandise. Our necklaces and bracelets offer a stylish way of showing your affiliation but in a different way. 

Since our Esprit jewelry contains no name or Greek letters, they can also be worn with casual and/or more formal outfits as accent pieces. Our pieces consist of real white freshwater pearls, naturally shaped providing a more relaxed look and feel. A magnetic clasp ensures a stronger hold and a 3" extender is available allowing a longer look and feel when desired.                               

Available Colors

We have tried to match our necklace colors to that of Sororities, however, recognizing that colors for clothing and accessories often varies. It is difficult for an exact match. Below is a list of our colors and our suggested match for your Sorority.





Black - necklaces and bracelets for Beta Sigma Phi, Ci Upsilon Sigma,

Delta Phi Omega, Gamma Rho Lambda, Kappa Alpha Theta,

Lambda Pi Upsilon, Lambda Psi Delta, Mu Alpha Phi, Mu Epsilon Theta,

Omega Phi Beta, Omega Phi Chi, Theta Nu Xi, Zeta Chi Phi and Zeta Sigma Chi.





Blue (Navy) -  necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi,

Alpha Nu Omega, Delta Phi Lambda, Delta Xi Phi, Gamma Alpha Omega,

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Tau and

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi.





Crimson -  necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Gamma,

Chi Omega, Delta Sigma Theta, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Lambda Alpha,

Sigma Nu Phi and Sigma Psi Zeta.




Maroon Necklace


Maroon -  necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Phi, Delta Xi Phi, 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta Chi, Kappa Theta Epsilon,

Lambda Theta Alpha,Lambda Theta Nu, Phi Sigma Rho and Sigma Kappa.






Purple - necklaces and bracelets for Delta Phi Epsilon,

Gamma Eta, Gamma Rho Lambda, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi,

Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Sigma Sigma.






Royal Blue- necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Omega Epsilon,

 Alpha Pi Phi, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Beta Gamma, Pi Beta Phi,

Theta Phi Alpha, Lambda Tau Omega, Sigma Gamma Rho,

Sigma Iota Alpha, Theta Phi Alpha and Zeta Phi Beta.





Sky Blue - necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Xi Delta,

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mu Sigma Upsilon and Theta Nu Xi.







Yellow (Gold) - necklaces and bracelets for Alpha Nu Omega, Alpha Pi Omega, Chi Omega, Kappa Bets Gamma,

Lambda Pi Upsilon, Omega Phi Beta, Phi sigma sigma, Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Alpha,

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Lambda Alpha, Sigma Nu Phi, sigma Omicron Epsilon, Sigma Phi Omega,

Sigma Psi Zeta and Theta Phi Alpha.