About Us

At Laura Lively, we becharlotte-laura-miniotas.jpglieve that every woman deserves to feel good about herself on the inside -and the outside. That's the inspiration behind our line of elegant, timeless jewelry and accessories. You can see it, and feel it, in the weight, beauty and versatility of all our pieces. Jewelry has the incredible ability to positively transform both your outfit and your attitude. We think you should be able to transform yourself everyday by wearing genuine jewelry - real freshwater pearls, natural stones, crystals and mother of pearl - and still be able to afford the shoes for the outfit.

Our jewelry is perfect for business and professional women looking for an affordable solution for office and travel wear. We source directly from our designers and only sell on line or at shows. Our direct sourcing and low overhead allow us to share the savings with our customers. We call it "girlfriend pricing" because girlfriends always let each other in on a good thing.

After all, Laura Lively is all about doing right by our friends. This is a philosophy that runs throughout our business. It's about lifting women's spirits, whatever the occasion, by helping them look and feel their best every day. Imagine: modern twists on classic designs that endure past the trends. It's about high quality pieces, crafted from real materials, at affordable "girlfriend pricing". And it's about building a supportive network of friendship that empowers women to help other women on every level. In fact, we're committed to giving back to our communities by supporting causes that matter to women.

When you shop with Laura Lively you're among friends. Whether you make your purchase here on line, visit us at a show or gather your girlfriends to try on our jewelry together at a home party, you'll be in a supportive atmosphere. That's because we're interested in building long-term relationships, not quick sales. We simply want to keep you in pearls and in the loop for as long as you share our value of beauty, quality and authenticity.

So, welcome to Laura Lively. We're glad you could join us. Come in and take a look at our Collection. Get some tips from others on how to wear our pieces in our Customer Gallery. And feel free to ask questions on our FAQs or contact pages. We hope we can inspire you through a little love, laughter and Laura Lively jewelry. Laura Lively is a jewelry company that understands that wearing beautiful - and real jewelry - can be a transformative experience. It's personal, emotional, and when done right, empowering! The right piece becomes part of you and reflects who you are. While it may seem like a luxury these days, we think every woman should have the opportunity to feel that special every day.

Contact us at support@mylauralively.com