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Repair Tips

Tips for repairing Pearl Earrings, Necklaces and Magnetic Clasps


It's not uncommon for some stud earrings to come apart through use. Pearls are normally drilled halfway through and are attached to the post with a small amount of glue.  When a pearl becomes separated from the post the following simple technique will repair

All you will need for your repair is a tube of super glue, one containing cyanoacrylate. Brands such as Krazy Glue and Gorilla Super Glue have this ingredient included. A gel works well if the post has a cup but liquid works better when gluing just a post. Both will work but try to use a small amount when applying to avoid overrun. If after drying any residue remains around the cup or post you may carefully remove it.


Pendant necklaces include pearls that are drilled to accommodate a cup and post and affixed using glue. Pulling on the pearl can cause weakness and subsequent failure. Humidity and temperature can also be a cause. If a pearl becomes loose it can be repaired.

All you will need for your repair is a tube of super glue, one containing cyanoacrylate. Brands such as Krazy Glue and Gorilla Super Glue have this ingredient included. It is preferable to use a gel if the attachment has a cup and post but not a requirement. Follow the procedures outlined above.

Magnetic Clasps on Bracelets and Necklaces

Magnetic clasps that we use can also become dislodged from one side of the clasprepairtips.jpg through use or damage. When this occurs the dis-lodged magnet usually remains attached to the opposing magnet and clasp. (red circle)

1,The protruding magnet (green circle) needs to be re-glued back into the opposing clasp (green arrow). The safest way to this is by first separating it from the opposing magnet.

2. Before separating the magnet it is important to mark the bottom of the protruding magnet with a felt tip pen to avoid gluing it in upside/down. If the magnet is mistakenly glued upside-down it will not work and cannot be removed.

3. To separate the protruding magnet just crack it open like you'd snap a twig - or use pliers to pull them apart.

4. Then put a couple of drops of Super Glue in the bottom of the empty clasp and insert the magnet putting the 'marked end' in first to the bottom of the opposite clasp (green arrow).

5. Hold in place for a minute to properly set and twenty minutes before wearing.


It's better when removing earrings to get your fingers behind the cup before pulling. That way the bond isn't stressed. Some of our earrings have no cup which increases the likelihood of a failure through improper use. 

You can also periodically test your pieces with a gentle tug to ensure the bond on them is secure.

Humidity and temperature changes can also cause a post to separate from a pearl. Avoid wearing when bathing, in a hot tub or taking a sauna.

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