Frequently Asked Questions

Women have an innate desire to support each other, to build each other up - and dress each other up. We communicate. We work together. We share. And we even ask for directions from time to time. If you have a question about Laura Lively jewelry, our company or our shopping experience, we're more than happy to answer it. Here are some questions that we are commonly asked. If yours isn't here, feel free to contact us at

1. Who is Laura Lively? We're a company that understands that wearing beautiful - and real jewelry - can be a transformative experience. It's personal, emotional and, when done right, empowering! The right piece becomes part of you and reflects who you are. While it may seem like a luxury these days, we think every woman should have the opportunity to feel that special every day. So, when we discovered an opportunity to offer gorgeous, high-quality pieces - made of authentic, natural materials - at low, non-retail prices we knew we had to let our friends in on it. And, as women do, they let their friends in on it, too. We share a full line of timeless designs at affordable 'girlfriend pricing' at our online store and at select shows and markets. We're making looking good and feeling good an affordable luxury.

2. Is Laura Lively real jewelry? Yes, it is and it's spectacular! That's what makes our prices extra special. Our jewelry is made with real fresh water pearls, mother of pearl, shell, natural stones and crystals. Laura Lively pieces are not plastic or synthetic but retail quality natural products. We design our pieces to work with your fashion style and your lifestyle - easily transitioning from special occasions to daily wear to travel. Our designs are modern twists on classic styles.

3. What is "girlfriend pricing"? At Laura Lively, our goal is to give you access to real jewelry you'll love at real prices you can afford. We keep our prices low by sourcing directly from our overseas designers and skipping the overhead. Thanks to this streamlined business model, we can offer high-end jewelry at a fraction of what you would pay retail. Naturally, our instincts are to share this insider edge with our girlfriends. After all, girlfriends always let girlfriends in on a good thing.

4. Where is Laura Lively located? Jacksonville Florida. We have no retail location and sell only at shows and through our online store.

5. What are freshwater pearls? How can you tell if pearls are real and not plastic? Freshwater pearls are made in mussels or oysters in rivers, lakes or ponds and tend to be more irregular in shape and more varied in color than saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls sell for less only because they are more abundant and have more variations that naturally occur in their development. Laura Lively freshwater pearls are not only real and beautiful; they also offer a great value for pearl shoppers. Not sure about some of your other pearls? One easy test for authenticity (but not always reliable) is to rub the pearls lightly along the biting edge of your upper front teeth. If they feel gritty or sandy, they are real pearls. If they feel smooth, they are probably imitations.

6. What is Mother of Pearl? Mother of pearl is the iridescent lining (called nacre) of the shell of a mollusk. While a pearl and mother of pearl are both made of nacre, they are not the same. When making mother of pearl, beads are cut from natural sea shells and dipped repeatedly into a solution that contains the nacre powder, coloring agents and binders. Once dry, the mother of pearls are strung as sets. You can feel the authenticity of a Laura Lively mother of pearl bead with this simple test: carefully, tap it against your teeth. It will "click," whereas a plastic bead would make a muted sound.

7. Why should pearls be knotted? Laura Lively pearl necklaces are all individually knotted between beads. This helps to prevent pearl loss if a strand were to break. Knots also keep pearls from knocking into each other and chipping or showing wear. Adding knots also adds strength and endurance to a beaded necklace and it is considered a mark of quality.

8. What type of metal do you use on your clasps and chains? Like most metal components in jewelry, Laura Lively metal pieces are made from alloys including copper and nickel; harder alloys are used to maintain shape. Jewelry is not indestructible, however, and requires care and proper maintenance. We suggest keeping your jewelry free from exposure to chlorine, bleach, cosmetics, soap, hair spray and perfume. Keep it clean and it will last longer.

9. Will your necklaces tarnish? As with all jewelry, if you don't care for it, you risk the chance of discoloration and yellowing. Also personal body chemistry can be a factor if your skin is prone to acidity, which can change depending upon the weather. Perspiration, humidity and suntan lotion all affect your jewelry so be sure to keep it clean. Jewelry is beautiful. Let's keep it that way. We recommend that your jewelry be the last item you put in when dressing and the last you take off when undressing.

10. Can a person be allergic to jewelry? Yes. Nickel and copper allergies can occur. Most jewelry contains alloys. If you are allergic to nickel or copper or other metals, this can cause a chemical reaction that makes the jewelry turn a different color. But here's the good news: in general, pearls are hypoallergenic so any reaction to them is rare.

11. Do any of your standard 18" necklaces come in longer lengths? We offer many pieces in lengths up to 21". Some of our necklaces like the Grace and Mother of Pearl are made with a magnetic clasp and can be lengthened to 20" by using our 2" extender.

12. What if I break a necklace? Can it be repaired? In most cases you should be able to have it repaired locally in your community. Laura Lively does not provide this service.

13. What is your "return policy"? "No Hassle" Return Policy: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason it may be returned within 15 days for credit or refund. Jewelry must be in it's original condition to qualify. Please contact us for instructions - When shipping your return please ensure it is packaged safely to avoid damage. We cannot be responsible for damaged, lost, stolen or misplaced packages being returned to us.

14. If purchased an item at a Show or Market how long will it take to receive it? You will typically receive your order at the show when purchased. If we have sold out it will usually be shipped to you within 2-5 weeks following the event. These items are noted on your Square receipt as "to be shipped". Check with us if you have concerns. All deliveries are through the United States Postal Service and we send you a notification of shipment with a tracking number if your email address is given at the time of purchase.

15. Can I have a product gift wrapped and sent to someone else? Yes. Standard wrap is our white box and ribbon. We ship free to anywhere in the United States.