Spellbinding Spinel

Spinel is mined alongside rubies and sapphires so it shares many desirable qualities with these pricier gems. Black spinel is the rarest of the colors it comes in and its mesmerizing sparkle makes it nearly indistinguishable from black diamonds! Jill is made of a luxuriously long, single strand of black spinel and multi-colored freshwater pearls (9.5-10mm). The length makes it easy to double, but it also makes it the perfect long necklace for women who are *ahem* a little larger on top - it drapes beautifully and will not end at an awkward place.  You are going to love it!
 Length:  approx 54"                                   
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Love this necklace.

Laura G Livingston on Sep 12th 2019

I love this necklace and wear it often. It is very versitale and looks great with black, white and other solid colors. I have received many compliments.