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Spellbinding Spinel

Spinel is mined alongside rubies and sapphires so it shares many desirable qualities with these pricier gems. Black spinel is the rarest of the colors it comes in and its mesmerizing sparkle makes it nearly indistinguishable from black diamonds! Jill is made of a luxuriously long, single strand of black spinel and multi-colored freshwater pearls (9.5-10mm). The length makes it easy to double, but it also makes it the perfect long necklace for women who are *ahem* a little larger on top - it drapes beautifully and will not end at an awkward place.  You are going to love it!
Length:  approx 54"
Weight:  approx 1.6 oz
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Product Videos

Laura Lively Try On App for Necklaces/Jewelry 01:36

We offer an unmatched virtual shopping experience that ensures the pearl necklace you’re buying fits you just right, allowing you to see how a necklace will look before buying! Laura Lively is an online store offering pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring a virtual Try On App for your iPhone! Our App is unique and includes our entire collection of pearl necklaces. It provides the opportunity for you to Try On a necklace and make adjustments to it and to your photo. You can then capture the picture and email, text it or share it on social media. What a great way to get feedback from your friends, or, offer a subtle reminder to someone looking for a gift idea (for you). Let us know how you liked it! The was the pearl necklace shown at the beginning. This was the multi-colored necklace shown during adjustment. This was the long necklace featured at the end of the video.

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    We offer an unmatched virtual shopping experience that ensures...

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