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Mother of Pearl is unique and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. It's basic to any woman's jewelry collection and is much more affordable than South Sea or Tahitian pearls. Mother of Pearl has natural iridescence which reflects light in a variety of ways and it has the ability to look like a South Sea or Tahitian pearls. The two key benefits of our Mother of Pearl necklaces are:



1. They are affordable and look like South Sea or Tahitian pearls. The process of making mother of pearl, utilizing the actual nacre from the shell lining, is what makes this possible.

2. All of our necklaces are individually knotted. Knotting is always used with fine jewelry and is an indication of quality. It prevents the pearls from rubbing together and provides greater security against breakage. This combined with (1) above gives our jewelry the look and feel of far more expensive jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

Because it is affordable, mother of pearl is very wearable, meaning you can use it without the worry of loss or theft. Mother of pearl allows you to be confident about your look while you enjoy wearing quality looking jewelry. Laura Lively offers many necklaces with different colors and shapes utilizing mother of pearl. One of the big advantages of mother of pearl is the uniformity of shape and size that can be provided. It can mimic its more expensive rivals in uniformity and luster making it sometimes difficult to tell the difference. Where you will see the difference is in the price. You can spend thousands of dollars for the real South Sea pearls or you can spend just under one hundred dollars for a Laura Lively mother of pearl creation.

Laura Lively believes that every woman deserves to feel good about herself on the inside…and the outside. That’s the inspiration behind our line of elegant, timeless jewelry and accessories — made of real freshwater pearls, natural stones, crystals and mother of pearl. You can see it — and feel it — in the weight, beauty and versatility of all our pieces.

Some of our Mother of Pearl Necklaces

chelsea-2-close-300.jpgChelsea | $95 |A whimsical piece with a soft elegance

A 14mm white mother of pearl set in a grey metallic mesh flower hung
on a double matching metallic chain with a parrot clasp. Length:
adjustable 16-17" Weight: .6 oz

"Simple, feminine and beautiful. Easy to wear." - Laura



Mother of Pearl - White| $95 | A Classic!

White mother of pearl (approx 14mm), individually knotted with silver magnetic clasp. Length: approx 18" Weight: approx 4.6 oz

"Every woman needs a basic white pearl necklace. The pearl size and luster are perfect. A 2" extender adds versatility." - Laura 

Paloma| $120|Fun, smart and luminous

paloma-2-300.jpgWhite mother of pearl (12mm) on black satin ribbon. Tied ribbon with bow can be worn to the side, centered or to the back. Length: approx 4 - 6" to end of ribbon Weight: approx 3.3 oz

"A real impact piece! The ribbon creates a number of interesting options." - Laura

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