Why pay more for saltwater pearls when a freshwater pearl necklace can give you the same look and feel at an affordable price? Laura Lively has a wide variety of jewelry designs using freshwater pearls at prices you'll love.

grace-new-size-300.jpgThe value of a freshwater pearl is based on its shape, size, luster of the nacre and color. Because the freshwater pearl was started with human assistance inside the mullosks, it is still considered to be a cultured pearl and produces a pearl that is nearly all nacre. Since it is solid nacre it is very durable and won't easily chip or degenerate.

Freshwater pearls come in variety of colors and shapes. Naturally occurring colors include cream, pink, peach, lavender and white. Any dark or bright colors are enhancements from irradiating or dyeing. Both of these processes are safe for the user and wear well.

francesca-raleigh300.jpgFreshwater pearls tend to be less round and less expensive than saltwater pearls. For this reason they have become extremely popular. Women can now enjoy the touch and feel of the finest pearls at a fraction of the cost. Laura Lively offers a variety of beautiful and affordable freshwater pearl necklaces and earrings.

Laura Lively believes that every woman deserves to feel good about herself on the inside…and the outside. That’s the inspiration behind our line of elegant, timeless jewelry and accessories — made of real freshwater pearls, natural stones, crystals and mother of pearl. You can see it — and feel it — in the weight, beauty and versatility of all our pieces.




Some of our Freshwater Pearl Necklaces


Angelia Grey | $180 |A stunning piece. The grey flower can be worn to the side, centered or to the back. A beautiful and classic necklace with a twist.


Three graduated strands of white freshwater pearls (approx 7-8mm), individually knotted, with grey mother of pearl flower clasp. Length: short strand approx 18" Weight: approx 4 oz





 Julia |$110 | Subtle variations add visual interest with a little sparkle - long  and versatile.  

 One piece blue/grey individually knotted freshwater pearls (6mm), small blue/grey donut pearls and faceted smokey quartz. Wear as a single strand, doubled or tripled.   

"A quality piece of jewelry. For the price - a real steal!" - Laura

 Talia| $160 | A chameleon that really emphasizes all colors - beautiful.


Three strands of multi-colored freshwater pearls and abalone with silver magnetic clasp. Length: approx 18" Weight: approx 3.6 oz

 "This can be worn by anyone and goes with everything. Bracelet to match." - Laura



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