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Versatile Necklaces


Some women have large, or thicker necks - that's just a fact. It shouldn't mean, however, that they be denied wearing fabulous looking necklaces! Many other women are unable to buy a piece of jewelry because it "just doesn't fit right". It is difficult for jewelry designers and manufacturers to design a necklace that will fit everyone perfectly. Are there solutions available to make a necklace more versatile? Absolutely!

Laura Lively has created an affordable and attractive solution that adds length by using necklace "extenders". These come in a variety of styles and can be used with almost all of our necklaces. Now you can add 2" to most of our necklaces having both magnetic and lobster style clasps.

What about your longer necklaces that you'd like to loop around your neck and triple or double but just can't? Our "Doublers" allow you to take any long necklace and connect it at the back making it a multistrand necklace. This versatility adds to your choice of "looks" at a very affordable price.

Simply put, we make longer necklaces shorter and shorter necklaces longer! You'll find both of these items under "Accessories" at our store ("Shop" above).

Using Extenders


These 2 photos show our White Mother of Pearl, a single strand 18" necklace, being worn with and without a 2" extender.extenderssample175.jpg 

The photo on the left is without an extender. The right photo is with our extender attached to the necklace. It can provide a more comfortable fit or a 2" longer look. The magnetic extender is easy to use and ensures a secure fit.

Types of Extenders

The single strand extenders come in white, grey Mother of Pearl ($25) and crystal ($20). They feature a magnetic clasp and attach to any of the like styled magnetic clasp necklaces we offer. They are all 2" in length. The pearl extenders use 12mm mother of pearl and all are knotted.

The three strand extenders are 3" in length and come in smokey crystal and white freshwater pearl. They are used for many of our multi-strand necklaces which have a pronged magnetic clasp offering greater security. They both retail at $35.


Though somewhat different, "doublers" offer additional flexibility and variety when wearing a necklace. Longer necklaces that are difficult to double or triple can now be attached at the back using this creative device. Doublers come in silver and easily attach to most necklaces. The cost is $10.