Trying On Necklaces


A New Way to Try On Jewelry

Laura Lively is a jewelry company that understands that wearing beautiful - and real jewelry - can be a transformational experience. It's personal, emotional and, when done right, empowering! The right piece becomes part of you and reflects who you are. While it may seem like a luxury these days, we think every woman should have the opportunity to feel that special every day.

Every day people are buying a wide array of products over the internet. Shopping time is reduced, internet speeds are faster and search engines like Google, can find you anything. Best of all, the prices are usually better than retail. Many products are easy to buy because we have seen them before and know what we are getting. Jewelry, however, is more difficult because it's unique. We can see it on the internet shopping sites but we can't touch it, or try it on. Up until now little has been done to address this problem.

We are pleased to announce - our Try On program. Upload your own photo (viewable only by you) or use one of our 7 models and try on over 50 necklaces from our Laura Lively collection. Our new Try On program allows you to move and resize the necklace itself, allowing greater ease of use. And our 15 day no hassle returns policy ensures you to return it if after buying it wasn't right for you. We have developed a unique and fun way to see how a piece of our jewelry will look on you and provide a no risk way for you to buy!