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Jewelry for Business and Professional Women


seraphina300.jpgLaura Lively is a company that understands that wearing beautiful - and real jewelry - is an important element in a successful business career. The practice of "dressing for success” has been around for many years and still holds true today. For women, wearing jewelry is also a personal, emotional and, when done right, empowering element to their being! The right piece becomes part of you and reflects your accomplishments.

While it may seem like a luxury these days, we think every business and professional woman recognizes the difference appropriate jewelry can make in their overall appearance. Our customer gallery provides a real look at what we mean.

Today women travel on business more than ever before. This means they have less time for shopping for items like jewelry. There are also the concerns over the wear and tear on their existing jewelry and its possible loss while traveling. Laura Lively can help on all three counts.

Firstly, you can easily shop for our products from the comfort and complete privacy of your room while on the road or from your home/office. By uploading your photo you can try on all of our necklaces at our virtual "Try On" page. This will save you both time and money and only you (your computer) can view your photo. Few jewelry companies offer you this program. We recognize "time is money" and we can help you save yours.

Secondly, we have the perfect travel jewelry featuring classic and timeless designs. Our pricing lets you enjoy the look and feel of much more expensive jewelry at affordable prices. What this means is that you won't have to risk taking your higher priced pieces when you go on the road or into the office. We all know constant or excessive use can cause damage to jewelry. Why spend more for the same look if you can get it using lower priced items? Our quality will meet your expectations. We have sold at shows around the United States to corporate presidents, doctors, lawyers and accountants, so we know our offering works!mop-winter-2-300.jpg

Thirdly, there is always the risk of theft or random loss while traveling. Our pricing makes any possible loss more tolerable should this occur.

Our unique Try On experience allows you to use your own photograph or any one of our seven models. It's an easy and fun way to see how a piece of our jewelry will look on you! Visit our site or view a video to see for yourself.