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Bridal Jewelry Ideas


Choosing an affordable bridal necklace and bridesmaids' accessories can be an expensive undertaking. There really is no limit as to how much you can spend. Finding the statement piece that defines you as a bride sets the tone and ultimately the cost of what should follow for your bridesmaids. The Laura Lively Collection will give you a quick overview of genuine jewelry options you can consider for your wedding at affordable prices.

A necklace doesn't have to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to achieve the effect you want. There are enough costs in having a wedding in the first place so saving money and still looking great is entirely possible and important. The elegant Amanda shown here, for example, sells for just $95.

amanda-300courtneypotter.jpgIf something more creative is desired for your bridal jewelry you might try layering or doubling 


up your necklaces. There is no limit to the possibilities this option affords. The example on the right shows 2 Lauren necklaces from Laura Lively providing a rich and stylish look for under $200. One really important service Laura Lively offers is the opportunity for you to upload your own photo (or that of your bridesmaids) to see how our necklaces look when worn. Information on the Try On page is available on 2 videos located at the "Video" tab above.

Important supporters at your wedding are your bridesmaids. They are vital to the overall look of your ceremony. Jewelry for the bridesmaids has forever served as an appropriate thank you gift for their support. So what should you consider when buying necklaces, bracelets, earrings or complete sets for these very important people?

Our #1 suggestion is to keep it simple. Your bridesmaids are your friends and/or relatives and all of them have tastes different from yours so it can be a challenge to please them all.

Once you've decided on what you are going to wear find something for the bridesmaids that will compliment your choice. Choosing something classical insures it can be worn after the wedding for daily use.

Clementine Necklace

Secondly. Make sure a necklace can be adjusted. Not all of your bridesmaids will look good in an 18" necklace. Some might have a shorter or thicker neck. Extenders are offered by many designers and this is an option you should look for. Being able to add 1" to 3" to a necklace could save the day and you will be thanked for your thoughtfulness!

Thirdly. Have some type of gemstone in the necklace . This will be a momento of your special day and it should properly reflect the importance of the day. Today the pearl is still used to symbolize innocence and purity so it is often beaded on the wedding gown itself or it is worn as jewelry. Freshwater pearls and mother of pearl offer gemstone jewelry designs at less expensive prices.

Sets are great but your budget might not support it. Putting more money toward just one piece of jewelry will provide a more significant gift in the long run.

Earrings and Bracelets

Buying earrings can be wonderful but tricky. Do all your bridesmaids have pierced ears or will longer hair styles hide the earrings? Bracelets can be an elegant gift when your budget allows for it. Laura Lively offers a wide variety of both earrings and bracelets at various prices to choose from.

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