"Try On" Necklace/Jewelry Mobile App from Laura Lively



Try On App

Laura Lively is pleased to introduce our new App for “trying on” necklaces. With our free  App you can take and use your photo and see how our necklaces will look - on you! Then share any picture of you wearing our fabulous jewelry through the social media Apps on your device. You can choose from our entire Collection and “try them on" at home, at work or with friends. 

There are ample controls for editing both your photo and the necklaces. We also provide 6 models to choose from in lieu of your photo. Complete instructions for use can be found at http://mylauralively.com/try-it-on/try-on-app/.

Looking for a second opinion? Just “capture” your photo wearing the necklace and save it, or, share it with friends via social media to hear what they think. You can use email, text messages, Facebook, Pinterest - whatever Apps you have on your device can be used for sharing. What a great way to offer your spouse or friend a (subtle) gift suggestion. They will thank you.

The app is now available on the Apple App store for Most Apple devices and an Android vision is currently in development.

Find our App by "searching" laura lively


Desktop Try On

At Our Store

We also provide the same opportunity for trying on necklaces at our store site. You'll find it in our top menu, or go now to: http://pages.mylauralively.com/game15/tryiton/tryi.

Here you can upload your photo, adjust it to fit the frame and you're ready to go. Or, just have fun changing our models and necklaces to see how they look. Unfortunately, sharing is only available with the App.

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